Jeremiah Oliver has been missing for nearly three months, why was the Department of Family Services not doing their job?

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Jeremiah Oliver, the five-year-old little boy missing from Fitchburg, Massachusetts has defiantly stirred up some attention at the local Department of Family Services. Jeremiah was reported missing by his Elementary school last Friday after he failed to show up for school, authorities reported that Jeremiah had in fact been missing for a period of three months, before they were phoned about the disappearance.

A local social worker and supervisor in charge of the families case has been terminated due to improper procedure, regarding face-to-face visits with the family, and monthly home checks to make sure the mother and children were doing alright. So how is it that Jeremiah Oliver has been missing for nearly three months, and no one notified the police until now? How could the Department of Family Services allow Jeremiah’s mother Elsa Olive to remain silent as to the whereabouts of her toddler for three months, without notifying authorities? As sad as this story truly is, this is a story that happens all too often in our country, not necessarily with the Department of Family Services, but with parents not reporting their children missing.

Casey Anthony is a prime example of a parent who failed to report her child missing; more specifically she failed to report her child missing for a period of thirty-one days. Casey Anthony did nothing more than weave a web of lies, and leave behind her a devastating past into the harsh reality of what really happened to her two-year-old daughter in the summer of 2008. A family so dysfunctional, that it almost took away from the search for Caylee Marie Anthony, and became a large focus during the trial of Casey Anthony, charged with murdering her own child. Casey Anthony was more worried about regaining her own life, than she was trying to figure out what happened to her own child, all the while sinking deeper into her own sociopathic behavior, that eventually showed the world who Casey Anthony really was.

Elsa Oliver, Jeremiah’s mother is really no different than Casey Anthony. Simply saying, she feels no emotion, no remorse, and not one bit of compassion for her missing child. While her five-year-old son has been missing for three months, she has been sitting at home with her boyfriend and other kids, abusing them, and not once to contact authorities about Jeremiah. It takes a real cold individual to dispose of a child without being able to stand up for the actions you have committed against another.

Now this is not to say that Elsa Oliver did in fact kill little Jeremiah, but if he is still alive, how come he has not surfaced since September, when he first allegedly went missing? If he was going to Florida to live with his Grandmother as his daycare center claimed, why would the Grandmother not report to the authorities that she had the child? I do not believe with one ounce of my being that an entire family would go to such great lengths to cover up that fact that Jeremiah Oliver has been missing for months, without someone coming clean as to what happened.

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