Did Shot Pregnant Woman Fake Her Pregnancy?

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On July 8, 2017 in Colesrain, Ohio, two masked men broke into the house of an expecting mother during her gender reveal party. They opened fire and after the shooting one woman was left dead and eight people were injured. Three of those eight were children. The pregnant woman was shot in the leg. All eight were taken to the hospital after the two suspects fled.

Cheyanne Wilson, the shot pregnant woman, told the police later that she had lost the baby as a result.

One would think that the tragic story would end with the police finding the two men who committed this horrible crime. Maybe even have some type of lead as to why something like this happened at a gender reveal party? The senseless act left police with many questions such as how the suspects got into the house since there was no sign of forced entry. Another question brought up was who the actual victim was intended to be since it was obviously not a robbery. But as the investigation went on, there were more questions.

On July 17, 2017, the police released a statement which said "hours and days have been wasted following leads known to be lies when they were provided to our officers. From the very beginning of this investigation, we have met significant resistance that is uncommon from victims of crime wanting a resolution." The lies they had been told?

The shot pregnant woman was not pregnant.

The lie caused the investigation to be hindered, although it is unclear how the pregnancy hoax prevented them from investigating properly. And this may not be the first time Willis lied to the police. In 2014, a video was leaked with Cheyanne Willis being attacked. To add insult to injury, they also shaved her head and wrote "I Got My Ass Whooped" on her head. Her ex-boyfriend was indentified as one of the people to attack and rob her, but no charges were ever filed. And that is just the tip of the iceburg.

Sources close to Willis have spoken out saying that she staged the recent shooting incident and this is not the first time she faked a pregnancy. She has also been accused of other lies and scams and a close friend told the police that she has a drug problem. Could this have been just another hoax?

Is it impossible to believe that she faked her pregnancy in order to keep her fiance and then had to stage some type of miscarriage in order to keep the truth from getting out? Or did the fiance know about the hoax and this was their way of gaining money to supply her drug addiction? As of the published date of this article, there are more questions than answers. And the two shooters have still not been identified.

If Cheyanne had ties with the shooters and it was a scam for money, she should be punished as well. She should be charged with involuntary manslaughter, in my opinion. Based on the facts the public has been given so far, she did not mean for anyone to get killed but it happened. And while we wait for more details, we are stuck wondering about why someone would do this.

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