Where would I find a list of sex offenders?

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The sex offender registry is a public database that supplies a list of sex offenders that goes by state, usually under the Department of Public Safety. Each sex offender is listed within a mile radius of where you specify your address, or you can search by specific address or by name, where an alert will be sent to you based on any address that you have provided. Sex offenders are continually being added to the database so you should be sure to check the site regularly or ask to receive email alerts when new sex offenders are added. There are terms of agreement prior to entering the site, which you must read and agree upon. It is important to check the sex offenders registry since over 80% of addresses entered have an offender within one mile. Usually, the database is a part of the Community Awareness Program within each state's Public Safety division. You can find a list of sex offenders by state by visiting your state's Department of Public Safety Web site.

If you want to search nationally, you must visit the United States Department of Justice Web site, where you will also be asked to read terms of use and agree upon those stated. Upon agreement, you can search the national database for a list of sex offenders including all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and Indian Country. You must however, know the name of the person that you wish to search, it will ask for the Last Name then First Name of the sex offender that you wish to locate. From this site also, you can search by state. All 50 states are listed for the public registry of sex offenders since it is necessary by law. Upon clicking on the state, usually, there will be an in-depth explanation of the sex offender registry given by the criminal information center, supplied by the state. Vermont, for example, goes back to the establishment and provides an explanation of all alerts that you are able to receive when inquiring about sex offenders. Each state's site is different though. Most require some sort of agreement before entering; however, one that does not is New York.

Most high profile cities, where sex offenders are more likely to commit crimes, have a public file that allows you to search by name, county, zip code, separately or by using a combination. For example, if you were to search New York, 10011, you could yield over 60 results of sex offenders within that zip code. All states are required to have a sex offender registry that must be updated to comply with laws set in place by the judicial department of each state.

Most offenders must be at a level 2 before being posted onto the public site, however, if you contact the department directly, they can tell you if a specific level 1 sex offender is on the registry, allowing for further protection. Most level 1 sex offenders aren't posted on public sites although sex offenders are 50 percent likely to reoffend.

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