Who was Charles Manson and what were the Manson family murders?

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Even though Charles Manson didn't technically murder anyone with his own hands, he is responsible for the deaths of several innocent people and the crimes he committed are known as the Charles Manson and Manson Family murders.

Manson had a very charismatic personality and preyed on homeless or runaway women, particularly women looking to rebel and live freely during the 60s. He started what some people refer to as a Cult and before long, Manson had a large group of followers who believed him to be almost god-like. His group of followers came to be known as "the Manson Family." Manson convinced his followers that there was a war being fought between the blacks and the whites during the late 60s and that eventually, an apocalypse would follow, but Manson and his followers were chosen to continue humanity by living underground in Death Valley Park in California. His idea was known as "Helter Skelter" which also is a hit Beatles song. He believed there was subliminal messages for him in Beatles music.

As time passed and Manson became more deranged and poisoned the minds of his followers, he convinced his followers that they were to kick start this racial war he had termed as Helter Skelter. On August 8, 1969, four of his followers, Susan Atkins, Charles Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Linda Kasabian were sent to a random location Manson chose and directed to kill all people there. Inside was Sharon Tate and three others including Abigail Folger, Jay Sebring and Wojciech Frykowski. All six where tortured and murdered in cold blood by members of the Manson Family. It was described by officers and others attending to the scene, the bloodiest, worst crime scene in history. The event went down in history as the Tate murders.

The next night, August 9th, determined to trigger the beginning of Helter Skelter, six Manson Family members committed more murders, known as the LaBianca murders. Atkins, Watson, Krenwinkel and Kasabian were joined by followers Leslie Van Houten and Steve Grogan. Again they tortured and viciously murdered an innocent couple, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, inside their own home. The Manson Family also were involved in two other murders, not as well known as the LaBianca and Tate murders. The victims were Bernard Crowe and Gary Hinman.

Eventually, authorities caught Manson and his followers after a motorcycle gang provided detectives a clue and a cellmate of one of the suspects talked linking the murders to the Manson Family. The Manson Family trial was heavily covered by the media and one of the most high profile trials in history. Nearly eight months into the trial, Manson followers were convicted. Atkins, Krenwinkel, Kasabian and Van Houten were sentenced to death. Watson was tried seperately and sentenced to death, and the conspirator, Charles Manson was sentenced to death. All sentences, except for Watson's, were reduced to life imprisionment due to the abolishment of the death penalty in California in 1972.

The Charles Manson and Manson Family murders remain infamous and still to this day, terrify the masses.

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